Specializing in Emotional Healing
Helping those who have experienced Trauma and Shame to once again
feel Safe in themselves and their world.

    Cora Rennie’s unique healing programs were created out of her own need to process the multiple traumas she experienced in life, including childhood molestation, miscarriage, military life, and separation/divorce.

    After 8 years of exploring different methods and modalities, she discovered that the key to her ability to heal all of these experiences, was being able to address the underlying state of Shame associated with each one. 

    As a result of doing so, she’s experienced dramatic changes in her relationships, her parenting, her sense of fulfillment and wellbeing, and in life in general. 

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Are You a Sensitive Rapunzel?
Easily bruised, such a Tender Heart needs Protection
Feeling Safe
Healing is about Being Safe in your own Feelings
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The beginning of the "Feeling Better" Process
"Feeling Better" is based on 3 core principles:

#1:  "Feeling Better is about becoming Better at Feeling your feelings."  Happiness isn’t about feeling good all the time (because that’s not possible.)  Happiness comes from Feeling Safe in any feeling.

#2:  “How you Feel is directly related to how you Feel.”  What you experience physically (in your body & life) is in direct correlation to what you are experiencing on an emotional level.

#3:  “We don’t need healing for the places where we already Feel Safe.”  Lack of safety (how/where/when we feel insecure, vulnerable or threatened) is at the core of every issue that needs healing.

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Explore Shame and Trauma
Cora is Creator of the program
  Releasing Shame:  Healing Life's First Injury

and Author of “Touching Trauma: Healing Life’s Deepest Wounds”

She is passionate about offering like-minded souls the opportunity and resources to discover the strength and wonder of their innermost selves.

"We are meant to feel all of
our feelings, and our lives become so rich and full
when we can finally allow ourselves to do so."