Understanding what it means to benefit from holistic medicine through interview processes

These interview processes that a number of traumatized men and women in and around Los Angeles, the city of angels, have been through may be well worth talking about for hours on end. But, as always in this life, time runs against most LA residents. So this note has to be brief. It is striving to help men and women who have not previously benefited to understand what it really does mean to benefit from holistic medicine through a series of sometimes unorthodox interview processes at the hands of a holistic doctor in Los Angeles.

In order to be successful in the practice of face to face counseling with patients, the doctor needs to be quite up to date with the latest advances made in medicine, something to which many LA doctors are privy to. The doctor is ideally also up to date with modern motivational techniques and practices carried out during the interview process. Most doctors always greet their patients with a simple ‘how are you feeling today’.

This friendly questioning greeting appears ironic on the surface when the answer seems so obvious. Nevertheless, it is a stepping stone towards making the patient well again. It could have been a case of where to begin. But before the diagnosis even begins, the treatment has already begun. In order for traumatized men and women to become well again, it is necessary for them to make radical changes to their lives.

For many, change is difficult and is often feared. The holistic counseling process steers patients clear of the fear and sets them on the path of necessary change. While not said in so many words, the indication is given that change is as good as a holiday. And in LA that would be quite nice, wouldn’t it.